Company Profile

 Lap Kai Engineering Company Limited was founded in 1973.  In 1978, we became a member of the Hong Kong Construction Association.  Since 2001, we have been elected as Council Member of the Association.


We are registered with the Buildings Department of the following categories:

                                                                                                                                 Date of

      Category                                                                                                            Inclusion

²   Registered General Building Contractor                                                       25/10/99

²   Registered Specialist Contractor in Site Formation Category                    10/03/00

²   Registered Specialist Contractor in Foundation Category                           29/03/00

²   Registered Specialist Contractor in Demolition Category                          31/03/00


Our company is also active in construction projects under the public sector.  We have been operating a Quality System conforming to ISO 9001 since August 1996.  Currently, we are included in the Environment, Transport and Works Bureauˇ¦s List of Approved Contractors for Public Works of the following categories:


                                                                                                                                 Date of

            Category                                                                    Status                         Inclusion


²  Land Piling                                                        Group II (confirmed)             27/05/83

²  Landslip Preventive/Remedial Measures       (confirmed)                            10/06/97

²  Site Formation                                                  Group C (on probation)         04/10/84

²  Roads & Drainage                                            Group C (on probation)         15/09/92

²  Port Works                                                       Group B (confirmed)             28/01/91


Our company has been included as a confirmed contractor on the Housing Authority List of Piling Contractors and as a probationary contractor on the Housing Authority List of Demolition Contractors since September 2000 and July 1996 respectively.


On 31 May 1999, our company was included in the ˇ§KCRC Corporate Approved Supplier Listˇ¨ for the following categories:


²  Building Works

²  Slope Stabilization Works

²  Ground Investigation Field Work

²  Land Piling

²  Roads & Drainage

²  Site Formation

²  Water Treatment Equipment, Service & Supplies